Burke’s Garden Hostel

Impeccable views. Mountain breeze. Burke’s Garden in Tazewell County is an oasis of solitude and tranquility — a hidden gem in today’s busy world. And now, with the recent opening of the Burke’s Garden Hostel, you can prolong your stay!

Burke’s Garden Hostel hosts an eight-room bunkhouse separate from the main house, which hosts two private bedrooms. Complete with showers, WiFi, complimentary waffle bar, and tra ilhead guides, Burke’s Garden Hostel has all the essentials needed to make your stay effortless and memorable. 

The hostel’s close proximity to two Amish general stores — with shuttling services provided for a fee as needed — provides opportunities for guests to learn about Amish culture and cooking and taste traditionally-prepared foods, including the rave-worthy pastries at Mattie’s Place. 

Take a meditative stroll around the hostel’s grounds to get a glimpse of native flora and hear the songs of Burke’s Garden’s native (and sometimes rare!) birds, all absent of bustling city sounds. 

For those who prefer to plan their meals ahead of time, the hostel keeps a ReSupply stock full of budget-friendly foods, non-perishable snacks, and other essential supplies on hand. See the full list here. Note: This list is subject to change. 

As one of Tazewell County’s largest communities, Burke’s Garden attracts visitors and sightseers of all interests with its natural beauty, explorability, and small-town charm. Here, you can go off the grid and be close enough to visit local restaurants and activities. 

In Burke’s Garden, time seems to slow down. With its unique bowl-like shape — often called “God’s Thumbprint” — the rural region is isolated, peaceful, and provides ample opportunities to bike around the perimeter of the valley, take in wildlife sightings, and even hike a few miles on the Appalachian Trail. Between the scenery and historic sites like the famous retro Pepsi sign, there’s plenty to photograph, too (be sure to bring a camera!). 

Once you’re finished adventuring for the day, head back to the Burke’s Garden Hostel and relax with a stunning view of Virginia’s most beautiful terrain.