Coal Miners’ Memorial

“The Official Coal Miners’ Memorial of the Commonwealth”


coal-musemThe Coal Miners’ Memorial is a testament to the heritage of the Town of Richlands. Created of black granite, the front wall represents the mine. Cascading water covering the entrance is reminiscent of the abundant coal resources and wealth flowing from Mother Earth. Etchings of the history of mining linger on the face of the mine, while the back wall bears the names of almost 1,100 miners from the surrounding counties who died in mine-related accidents. Wearing the toil of the day, the miner with his lunch bucket and pick in hand catches a breath of fresh air as he exits the mine. The engraved brick walkway is a lighted path as he continues his trek home. Dedicated on May 17, 2003, the memorial stands as a tribute to the men and women who sacrificed all, and those who continue to make sacrifices to earn a living in the mining industry.

A meandering waterfall depicting the natural landscape that cradles the mines in Southwest Virginia, completed in the summer of 2006, compliments the monument. The stepping stone waterfall is representative of the rugged terrain that captures the beauty of the mountains which surround the region. Coal mining is our way of life, our history, our heritage, and our pride.

Located at:
200 Washington Square,
Richlands, VA 24641 (276) 963-3385