Your Favorite Pizza!

We asked, and you answered loud and clear!  Your favorite pizza dives, as determined by your votes, are listed below!


5.     Crazy Tomato – Bluefield53fbc93a32f6bphoto

Who doesn’t need a crazy tomato in their life?  All joking aside – these folks are experts at the perfect pie.    Affordably priced and outrageously delicious!



4.     Villa Italian – Bluefieldcache_4098780554

Another Bluefield favorite!  The Villa is a hotspot for anything Italian, but their pizza is a beloved art form.   A nice, quiet atmosphere to have an intimate gathering, or grab a table at the bar for a more lively experience!



3.     Giovanni’s – Richlandsls

Oh the smell of a fresh New York Style Pizza!  Located in Richlands, Giovanni’s has established themselves quite the reputation.   From near and far fans line up for this exquisite treat!




ls (1)2.     Italian Village – Claypool Hill

We had a feeling when we asked that the battle for first and second would potentially come down to those who’ve been at it the longest…  Coming in and number 2 – the Original Italian Village located in the Claypool Hill Mall.  It’s an experience worth stopping for.  Like we said – they’ve been at this a long time, and practice makes perfect!


  1.     Italian Village – Tazewell348s

And then there was one… Italian Village in Tazewell serves up hot pizza all day every day, and you’ll rarely find their ovens not full.  With a fan following that spans the region, you’ll find friends old and new dining in and having a great time reconnecting.  Stop in and give them a try!



Tazewell County is proud to have great pizza, these listed and several other great establishments!  Stop in and try them all!